Woweembeem Mixtape 33 — Moving Still

Our latest mixtape is from the homie Jamal aka Moving Still. He’s a Dublin based producer and DJ who’s been “intensely digging” to compile his favourite Arabic songs for this month’s Woweembeem mixtape. Good man Jamal! “Many record labels in the Middle East put out amazing tracks influenced by Western funk, disco and psych from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s but, as they were released only on cassette, slipped under the radar for most people outside the MENA region.

Tracklist from Bernard’s mix —

01 Seham Shamas – Helga Farhana
02 Masada – Heyk Heyk
03 Jacqueline – Ana Baddi Ich ( I Will Survive)
04 Hoda Haddad – Bagni Wa Baynak
05 Labiba – Do Re Me
06 Masada – Ya Bu Ali
07 Rana – Halou Halou
08 Rinda – A Smile Please
09 Taroub – Ya Setti Ya Kheryara
10 Ronza – La Vie En Rose

Woweembeem Mixtape 031 was compiled and edited by Moving Still

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