Woweembeem Mixtape 32 — Bernard Batrouni

Our buddy Bernie B explores the golden age of the east mediterranean with this Lebanese divas mixtape featuring some of the biggest legends of the time: Jacqueline, Hoda Haddad, the mystic Mayada and more. Thank you BB!

Tracklist from Disco Arabesquo’s mix —

01 Mohamed Mounir – West el Dayra
02 Ihsan Al-Munzer – Allamouni
03 Amr Diab – Ashouf Eineiky
04 Omar Khorshid – Apache
05 Lebleba – Hanoel wi nigani
06 Abdel Monem Madboly – Hala’atak
07 Maya Yazbek – Sho Badak Minny
08 Ehab Tawfik – Allemny
09 Essam Ragy – Lakini
10 Hussein Bashir – Malak Asmar

Woweembeem Mixtape 031 was compiled by Bernard Batrouni and edited by Moving Still

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