Woweembeem Mixtape 34 — Robin Fuller

Wowsers, another amazing mix of 1980’s Japanese electronic music from Robin Fuller, thank you sir. This one’s on a more uptempo tip than last time. The tracks for this sat on our computer for 9 months and sound better now having aged a little. Audiophile tip there for ya. Thanks again Robin, you da real MVP. The tracklist will be posted underneath next month’s mixtape..

Tracklist from Moving Still’s mix —

01 Marjana – Adahani Al Telephone
02 Al Loh Loah Kuwait – Barem
03 Mona_Abdel_Ghany – Ashab
04 Simone – Brother Louie Arabic Cover
05 Bouchenak – Salam Alikoum
06 Ezzat Abou Auf 4 M – Wahl El Magna
07 Al Dana Kuwait – Marra Nasi
08 Al Ekhwa – Arjook
09 Jamal Al Seeb – Gobgob Delany
10 Hany Shinoda Farkat Maser – Lama Kan EL Bahr Azraa

Woweembeem Mixtape 034 was compiled by Robin Fuller and edited by Moving Still.



Woweembeem Mixtape 33 — Moving Still

Our latest mixtape is from the homie Jamal aka Moving Still. He’s a Dublin based producer and DJ who’s been “intensely digging” to compile his favourite Arabic songs for this month’s Woweembeem mixtape. Good man Jamal! “Many record labels in the Middle East put out amazing tracks influenced by Western funk, disco and psych from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s but, as they were released only on cassette, slipped under the radar for most people outside the MENA region.

Tracklist from Bernard’s mix —

01 Seham Shamas – Helga Farhana
02 Masada – Heyk Heyk
03 Jacqueline – Ana Baddi Ich ( I Will Survive)
04 Hoda Haddad – Bagni Wa Baynak
05 Labiba – Do Re Me
06 Masada – Ya Bu Ali
07 Rana – Halou Halou
08 Rinda – A Smile Please
09 Taroub – Ya Setti Ya Kheryara
10 Ronza – La Vie En Rose

Woweembeem Mixtape 031 was compiled and edited by Moving Still

Woweembeem Mixtape 32 — Bernard Batrouni

Our buddy Bernie B explores the golden age of the east mediterranean with this Lebanese divas mixtape featuring some of the biggest legends of the time: Jacqueline, Hoda Haddad, the mystic Mayada and more. Thank you BB!

Tracklist from Disco Arabesquo’s mix —

01 Mohamed Mounir – West el Dayra
02 Ihsan Al-Munzer – Allamouni
03 Amr Diab – Ashouf Eineiky
04 Omar Khorshid – Apache
05 Lebleba – Hanoel wi nigani
06 Abdel Monem Madboly – Hala’atak
07 Maya Yazbek – Sho Badak Minny
08 Ehab Tawfik – Allemny
09 Essam Ragy – Lakini
10 Hussein Bashir – Malak Asmar

Woweembeem Mixtape 031 was compiled by Bernard Batrouni and edited by Moving Still

Woweembeem 31 — DiscoArabesquo

Disco Arabesqueo is an Amsterdam based digger who specialises in lost Arabic treasures.  A lot of his jams are heavily influenced by Western music of the ’70/80s, and they all highlight a journey of cultural-contamination and a contemporary generation searching for a new identity. I came across his Soundcloud page and instantly fell in love with his selections, and trust me this community is scarce! — Jamal aka Moving Still

Tracklist from Amel’s mix —

01 Abdellah Oumbadougou – Talla Talline Manine
02 Yangogo – Iksenadou Oussouf Bastickne Tarha (Featuring Sally Nyolo)
03 Alawiya – Sama Des Faqirat
04 Souad Asla- Chaillah
05 Idir – Cteduyi
06 Karim Ziad- La illaha ila allah
07 Orchestre National de Barbes- Sidi Yahia Bnet Paris
08 Karim Ziad, Oummo sangari- Merhba Bik
09 Le meilleur de Cheb KHALED – Shab el baroud
10 Bouabdaliya – Choeur

Woweembeem Mixtape 031 was compiled and edited by DiscoArabesquo

Woweembeem Mixtape 30 — Amel Yacef

OK folks so this one’s been a year in the making. Not that it took a year to edit, just been sitting on the tracks for 10 / 11 months. Anyway, this moment in time feels perfect. I love the intensity of Algerian & North African singing. Unbelievable stuff. If and when the armageddon comes, I know who should soundtrack it. Big love to Amel, queen of Dublin, Algiers, and everywhere really. Thanks so much for the amazing music.

Tracklist from Gib’s mix —

01. Mandingo Griot Society & Don Cherry – Sounds from the Bush
02. Unknown VA – Ouled Bambara
03. Unknown – Madimak
04. Electro-Dschungel – Kebabtraume
05. Wallias Band – Muziqawi Silt
06. Amrals Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Drum Orchestra – The World Is A Ghetto
07. Richard Horowitz – Bandit Nrah Master of Rajasthan
08. Codona – Codona
09. Roland Bocquet – Exotique
10. Zazou Bikaye – M’Pasil Ya M’Pamba

Woweembeem Mixtape 030 was compiled by Amel Yacef and edited by Papa Lou.

Woweembeem 29 — Gib Cassidy

Superb selection from everyone’s favourite rock ‘n’ roll drummer / Spindizzy Records front-of-house Gib Cassidy. Not just a pretty face & warm personality.. what a man!

Here’s last tracklist from Veronica’s mix last time:

01. Dennis Bovell & The 4th Street Orchestra – Rowing Down The River
02. Reggae Regular – Black Skin Boys
03. The Dynamics – Bring Me Up
04. Dubmatrix – Ain’t Got No Love (Dub)
05. Super T – West Bound D Train
06. Alpha & Omega – Who Is the Ruler
07. Jennifer Lara – Tell Me Where
08. Jah Shaka feat. Aswad – Behold Him
09. King Tubby – Invasion
10. Mad Professor & Lee Perry – Drummer Boy (Dub)

Woweembeem Mixtape 029 was compiled by Gib Cassidy and edited by Jaz Somun

Woweembeem Mixtape 28 — DJ VV

We’re back! In full effect!

Lovely reggae & dub mix here supplied by DJ VV.

Whack it on full blast and kick back lads.

It’s the summertime!

Here’s last tracklist from Matt Deasy’s mix last time:

01. Hany – Badaouiah (The Female Bedouin)
02. Admas – Anchi Bale Game
03. Cortijo & His Time Machine – Gumbo
04. Jean Delin – La Foi
05. Octávio Burnier – Dança infernal
06. Marcos Resende & Index – Terra de Vera Cruz
07. Xalam – ndiguel
08. Msafiri Zawose – Pole Pole
09. Haruomi Hosono – Mabui Dance #2
10. Yanti Bersaudara – Lembur Kuring

Woweembeem Mixtape 028 was compiled by DJ VV and edited by Jaz Somun